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New art by the lovely 3!

isitscary replied to your post: isitscary replied to your post:so i wa…

THEY WERE! That run time still got me feeling salty, though, lmao!

omfg i have to agree with you.  i think i’m more bitter about how bad the characters for the daughter and her bf were tbh

wytchqveen replied to your post: i signed up for classes this semester….

YES! O W O dude I’m so excited for you

JDSK;LFDSK;AFJLK;LADFSJ i am too.  dsfkjlaklfsjdkdfsjlklsj;d



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but the way Derek is running tickles me. He might be kinda drunk too.

LMAO EXACTLY.  glad i don’t watch the show tbh.  i think i find more humor in that gif bc of it.

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That movie was way too long for me. Like, I was literally sitting there looking at the time on my phone towards the “middle” of the movie, lol

LMAOOOOOO.  not gonna lie, i had to go pee twice during that movie.  well, once.  i had to take my sisters three times and the third time, i just went.

the dinosaurs were awesome tho, admit it.

trust me

i will.  5ever

i’ve been listening to ‘rather be’ all day.  

cana ilu

i also got into season two of orange is the new black and the mindy project.  i see some of yaw side eyeing but it’s not as bad as i thought.

you can trust me though

always have, bb girl

Anonymous whispered: oh you got a day off?

cana is this you

naw, i work in like three hours.  and i dusted off my laptop.  lol ;cries

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where has kanjogirl been 

i keep telling you guys, i’m from black narnia.

do they not have wifi there

they do not. but we have magic so i guess that’s a plus.