Hulk and Black Widow teamwork from Avengers Assemble’s newest episode, Hulked-Out Heroes.

"Bozhe moi."

"I’ve seen worse."

"You didn’t come here because I bat my eyelashes at you."

Avengers character highlights - Bruce Banner

"I’ll persuade you."

"We’re gonna be okay, right?"


Subtleties in The Avengers:

  • …Right before he was about to kill her, (and right before he got hit by Thor), the Hulk recognized Natasha.

hahaha…ha…ha… i hate everything.



title: follow it and it will flee (flee and it’ll follow)

word count: <500

parings: bruce/natasha with some background parings

summary: she wonders if he believes the words he’s saying. he wonders if she believes the words she’s saying.

a/n: i’m sick. the world needs more bruce/natasha. maybe i should make a fyeahhulkwidow. maybe y’all should do it for me. i’d co-run it.

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